Injury surveillance and epidemiology

The first step to preventing sports injuries is determining what injuries are occurring, and what causes them. The cornerstone of the PAFIX project was the collection of high quality injury surveillance and epidemiological data to gain an understanding of what athletes need to be protected from.

Access articles here:

Ttitle: Priorities for investment in injury prevention in community Australian football

Title: Level of agreement between field-based data collectors in a large scale injury prevention randomised controlled trial

Title: The SIC (subsequent injury categorisation) model to address the issue of multiple, recurrent, exacerbation or new injuries

Title: Coding OSICS sports injury diagnoses in epidemiological studies- does the background of the coder matter?

Title: Concussion in community Australian football: epidemiological monitoring of the causes and immediate impact on play

Title: Preventing Australian football injuries with a targeted neuromuscular control exercise programme: comparative injury rates from a training intervention delivered in a clustered randomised controlled trial



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